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Why Plastic Pallets Are Better Than Wooden Pallets

Posted by Admin on December, 23, 2014

Pallets are used by almost all industries for storing, transportation and distribution of their products. The pallets are selected on the basis of the needs of the goods and the materials used in making the pallets. While wooden pallets have been used traditionally for storage and shipment of goods, Plastic Pallets have taken over them within the last few years. There are many qualities of Plastic Pallets such as they are light weight, corrosion resistant and durable. Apart from these other advantages of Plastic Pallets over wooden pallets are summed up below.

Moisture proof
Wooden pallets have one big disadvantage that if they come in contact with water they lock the moisture within themselves and become fragile. But however, Plastic Pallets are free from this. They are moisture proof and do not become weak even if they are soaked wet in water.

Plastic Pallets are highly durable as compared to wooden pallets. Plastics do not break easily like wood. Plastic does not splinter like wood. Plastic is not prone to easy fire like wood. Plastic doers not get eaten up by termites but wood does. Plastic is thus in many ways more durable than wood. Moreover, Plastic Pallets can be easily repaired if they get damaged but wooden pallets can’t and they have to be disposed off or used for burning purposes.

Plastic Pallets are flexible and can be made in different shapes and forms depending on the need of the goods. Different type of goods can be stored on Plastic Pallets which is not possible with wooden pallets.

Clearly, Plastic Pallets have an upper edge over wooden pallets in multiple aspects. This is the reason they have become the top choice for industries. Plastic Pallets are easy to maintain and easy to clean as well.

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