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Reasons Why Wooden Pallets Are Best Over Plastic Pallets

Posted by Admin on January, 16, 2015

Across the globe pallets are extensively used every day to package, store and transport goods. Almost every industry requires pallets for the shipment and storage of its valuable goods. The two main materials used to produce pallets are wood and plastic. Wood has been the primary source of material for manufacturing of pallets and still continues to be. It accounts for around 90% of the world’s production and supply of pallets. There are many reasons behind the long success of wooden pallets. The below mentioned factors highlight that why Wooden Pallets are best over Plastic pallets.

Cheaper price
As we all know, wood is a natural source and is in abundance in nature. It does not require any special mechanism or procedure to create wood. This is why Wooden Pallets are cheaper than plastic pallets.

It is fairly easy to repair Wooden Pallets. If a part of Wooden Pallet gets broken then it can simply be removed and a new strip of wood can be attached. Usually new wooden pallets are created using old wooden pallets. Therefore, there is very less need of purchasing new wooden pallets.

Strong and durable
Wooden Pallets are fairly strong packaging material. They are capable of carrying heavy weight goods. With good maintenance, Wooden Pallets can remain suitable for use for many years. This makes them highly durable. They also have a good level of friction, which prevents the sliding off of goods once they have been loaded on the pallets.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are many other reasons that make Wooden Pallets advantageous over plastic pallets. For instance, Wooden Pallets are ecologically sound. They are obtained from nature without using any chemical or smoke emitting procedures. If worn or torn, Wooden Pallets can be shredded into mulch which can be used to make paper.

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